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This selection of photographs are from journeys in Spain. I don’t go out looking for photographs. To me a worthwhile shot meets you, and many of my best ‘exhibition’ type photographs have just been created before my camera. For instance, the little baby looking through the window. I was about to take this rather unusual house, a bit derelict and painted in an odd way, when the little window was opened and the father propped the baby in the window – magic!

With the picture of the soldiers in Sevilla I was all ready to take the shot of the Valencian tile display. These soldiers appeared from nowhere and sat down, in this perfect manner – making the picture special.

Likewise, the old lady looking around the corner by her washing. She wasn’t there as I readied the camera to take the shot and suddenly she appeared – again, magic.

I find one of the worst things is that familiarity seems to stop you ‘seeing’ pictures in your everyday life. When I first came to Spain photographs were everywhere, but after 27 years in my home town of Javea, I don’t seem to be aware of them anymore, except at Fiesta time.

Luckily, because I had to choose pictures for my Javea/Xabia book (see last page) I was able to feature many of the best I had taken over the years.

See also photographs of Arts Association Theatre School.

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New York Institute of Photography

Completing a course with the NYIP proved to be an excellent decision, and very important in my development as a serious photographer. With manuals, cassettes, a plastic ‘Shirley’ head to use as a model, a reflector lighting brolly and a professional photographer as a dedicated tutor, I learnt a lot from this course, particularly when it came to lighting and exposure, and would highly recommend it. Visit the website here.

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