When I left school in 1947 I should have gone to Art School. But it wasn’t possible for family reasons. So a few years later when I left my hometown Kirkcaldy, in Scotland, to live in Portsmouth I got a job with a photographer.

This was fortunate as it followed on that when I went to London when I was 21, my working career was with the Pathé Film Company. Then as an Art Buyer in an Advertising Agency and later as Personal Assistant to a West End London Advertising Photographer. Not taking photographs but as a Girl Friday, running the office, booking models and getting props.


So the point of this web site is to show that at the age of 35 when I stopped working my creative life began. I was married and living in Wimbledon Village, London, in a lovely new town house with two pussy cats, BUT because I had worked with highly talented artists and photographers I had little or no opinion of my own artistic ability.

Starting a family was not an option, so to fill in my days I joined a Pottery Class at the Putney Art School. To cut this down, I will just say that I found I had a talent for pottery and for eight years I became deeply involved with this craft and had a studio, kiln and several very successful exhibitions of my work in London.


In 1971 we bought a villa in Javea, on the Costa Blanca in Spain for holidays. This was a very important inspirational point for me. I loved so much of what I saw, the angular shapes of the Spanish houses and the beautiful countryside.

I came back to London, bought canvas boards and acrylics and waded in. The painting alongside is my first effort. Simplistic, almost child-like but I think it has a certain strength and visual impact.

So, after 26 years of living in Spain and including a successful side career as a photo-journalist with a leading English Publication Magazine as their photographer on the Costa Blanca, I am presenting my work on this site partly as an ego trip, and as I said at the start, hopefully as an inspiration to other late-start aspirant artists and photographers.

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